Our Animals

 Whether an animal came here because it needed a new home, or it is here because we pursued it, they all have several things in common once they get here – they are loved, respected and well cared for. They also share the fact that they represent their wild counterparts and become flagships for their species. We do not believe in tug-at-your heart string stories where our residents are concerned, therefore we do not focus on their past but embrace their future. These “stories” only distracts from the messages of conservation we are most passionate about. You can only read a residents’ history by sponsoring a particular animal and it will be included in their sponsorship kit. However, we do love to share facts about their individual personalities, and their unique likes and dislikes, which you can read about by clicking on the species below. 

African Civet
Black Bear 
Clouded Leopard 
  Red Fox 
 Ring-tailed Lemur
 Ruffed Lemur 
 Siberian Lynx